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Version was made available for download on the 04/04/2023.

New Features:

  • Ability to change colours of wedding details and person 1/2 windows.
  • Auto strikethrough on declaration when parties are over 18.
  • Declaration date and location can be left blank if desired.
  • Addition of commas between address fields on newer forms.
  • Celebrant Connection files can now be opened when the program is already open.
  • Enhanced error handling and logging.
  • Minor bug Fixes

Version was made available for download on the 11/04/2022.

New Features:

  • Established an automatic licence key update/renew feature.
  • Updated to allow fonts to be adjusted for latest forms (NOIM, OCM and DONLIM), this can be done within “wedding preferences > fonts”.
  • Added a “Loading, please wait” banner when the program is generating the forms.

Version was made available for download on the 13/02/2022.

New Features:

  • Enhanced licence key entry, users can copy and paste the entire key into the first box.
  • Added open file location button when a PDF is created.
  • Added an apply button when editing preferences.
  • Introduction of version awareness, this will notify users when a newer version is available.
  • Enhanced version upgrade, the new version can be installed without needing to uninstall the current version.
  • Minor Bug Fixes

Version was made available for download on the 06/10/2021.

New Features:

  • Updated forms released by Attorney Generals on 01/09/2021 – Notice of Intended Marriage, Official Certificate of Marriage, Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage
  • Option to create Quotes
  • Equipment feature, which allows you to add extra items and costing to a quote

Version was made available for download on the 13/11/2018.


  • On the PDF version of the Official Wedding Certificate the 2nd witness name has been moved slightly to the right, lining it up better with the dotted line when printed.
  • On the PDF version of the Declaration of no legal impediment to marriage Person 2’s occupation and marital status are now correct.
  • The erroneous warning in the Incomplete weddings panel of an illegal wedding has now been rectified.
  • The new automated backup has not been defaulting to show the results of the backup, this has been rectified so that new installations will default to doing the backup and showing the results. This only applies to new installations not upgrades, those running version or earlier can manually reset this by going to File/Preferences/Wedding and selecting the File paths tab and putting a tick in the ‘Show auto backup results’ checkbox.

Version was made available for download on 10/10/2018


  • Some wording changes, (Marriage Regulations 2017 replacing the Marriage Regulations 1963) to the NOIM and Declaration of no legal impediment.
  • The fee/payment fields on the Wedding details panel are now protected against users entering values that include decimal points.
  • Saving a wedding without first having a wedding date no longer causes an error message.
  • The PDF version of the Official Certificate of Marriage now shows all names & address’s correctly.

New Features:

  • In the past backups of the Preferences file could not be restored using the restoration function, this has now been rectified
  • Record of use will now be backed up and restored when Backup all or Restore all is selected.
  • An automated backup system that by default will back up all data files every time the program is closed and display the results of the backup.
  • The backup results display can be turned off if preferred and the default backup can also be turned off.

Version was made available for download on 15/6/2018

New Features:
More documents available in PDF format:

  • Official certificate of marriage
  • Declaration of  no legal impediment
  • Celebrant’s copy of the Certificate of Marriage
  • The Notice of Intended Marriage (4 page version)
  • Receipts
  • The Information sheet

Optional Headings for data entry panels
New preference available to choose either ‘Enter Groom/Person 1’s details & Bride/Person 2’s details OR Person 1’s details & Person 2’s details, selectable from Wedding Preferences/Appearance.

A new ‘Swap Parties’ option has been added to the centre of the tool bar near the top of the Wedding Entry panel. This is a toggle switch that will allow you to swap details in Person 1 & 2 details panel if needed.

Some minor wording changes to page 2 of the NOIM.

Version Updated on 20/02/2018

New Features:

PDF version of the NOIM has been restored. Presentation of the updated documents has been refined. Minor workarounds are no longer required.

Version was made available for download on 25/3/2017

New Features:

New system improves appearance of Presentation Certificate (Form 15)
You can now choose a different font for each part of the text on the certificate. You may choose to use a larger, fancier font for the Bride & Groom names, a smaller, clearer font for the date, perhaps you would like the venue in a similar font to the Bride & Groom, only slightly smaller. Select any font and size you think appropriate for your (Celebrant’s) name.

New field for date docs were sent to BDM:
A new field has been added to the Wedding details panel in the Post Wedding Action section. Next to the Docs sent to BDM checkbox the date they were sent can be entered.

Improvement to Declaration of no legal Impediment:
If the Bride and Groom are signing on different dates and/or different locations you are now able to print both on the Declaration.


Preferences, file paths tab improved.
The file path tab in Preferences has been redesigned to make is simpler to see where files are being kept and easier to change the locations.

Backup system simplified.
The backup system has been modified so that when a backup is done a message showing what has been successfully backed up and the backup location is displayed, instead of a message showing what couldn’t be backed up, usually because you didn’t have any of that type of file.

Bug fixes:

Additional spaces in names on Presentation Certificate.
If any of the names on the Presentation Certificate didn’t have a middle name, an additional space was inserted between the first name and surname, this is now fixed.

Missing wedding syndrome.
In some rare cases a wedding would be lost, this has now been rectified.

Version was made available for download on 2/9/2015


Noim PDF document only showing first name for bride & groom, fixed now so that it shows all given names.
If the bride or groom were widowed the entry in the Incomplete Weddings panel showed the court location as missing. This has been fixed and no error message will be generated.
When ID had not been provided the message in the Incomplete Weddings panel was shown twice, this has been fixed.
The title of the tool bar item that was ‘Import wedding‘ has been changed to ‘Celebrant Connection‘.

Version 1.5 was made available for download on 21/6/2015

Major Change – Professional Edition launched

View demo of Professional Edition:

New Features available in Professional Edition

The Celebrant Connection which allows:

  • The celebrant to enter data from anywhere, at any time, on any smart device – tablet, smart phone etc
  • The bride &/or groom to enter their data from anywhere, at any time, on any smart device
  • The celebrant to drop that data directly into The Celebrant Suite, creating a new wedding with all the details included, with zero key strokes in less than 5 seconds.

PDF file creation for:

  • The Notice of Intended Marriage
  • Receipts
  • The Information sheet

Version was made available for download on 20/1/2015

Bug fix:

If the desktop was set to display an image that was subsequently moved or removed the program would fail to start, giving an error message that ‘The Celebrant Suite has stopped working’. This has now been fixed. Thanks for your input Ivan.

Minor fixes:

The Declaration has slight adjustments to positioning of some areas and some minor modifications to capitalization in the marital status area.

Version was made available for download on 19/12/2014

New Feature:

My Christmas gift to users – a Preferences panel is now available for The Celebrant Suite desktop! This allows you to vary the appearance of the main screen of the program. You can now change it to the colour of your choice or an image of your choice. Three images are provided or you can select any suitable image you have. I found myself alternating between one of my weddings and a photo of my son petting a baby tiger while on holidays in Thailand. You may like to use it to display your favorite venue.


Religious version of Form 15 Presentation Certificate now available for religious celebrants with an “A” celebrant number.

Minor Fixes:

Typo fixed on NOIM – a prize of a large economy size smiley face to all those that can find it before they upgrade. A hint, doesn’t everyone put a ‘Q’ in the word ‘paragraph’? Thanks Jane, sorry you’re not eligible for the competition J.

If a comma was included in the bride or groom’s names it would cause an error. This has now been rectified and, although I don’t recommend including a comma in the names, it will no longer cause the error.

Version was made available for download on 15/11/2014


Due to the new Official Certificate of Marriage on the AG’s website not being an accurate copy of the new form it was necessary to redraw the form, adding an ‘Official use only‘ section.

Version was made available for download on 30/10/2014

Minor new feature:

A new report has been added to the Report Centre. In the Monthly Reports section there is now a report called All Pending Weddings. This displays all pending weddings (clever naming wasn’t it) in a monthly report format.

Minor Fix:

On the Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage the celebrant number has been moved down a line so that it follows the title of the celebrant rather than the name of the celebrant. This eliminates the possibility of it extending beyond the borders of the page when the celebrant has a lengthy name – thanks Chris.

Version was made available for download on 27/10/2014


The celebrant number is now inserted after the celebrants name on both the Official Certificate of Marriage and the Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage – thanks Kerry.

When closing a wedding the message asking if you ‘would like to save…’ is less likely to appear if no changes have been made.

Version was made available for download on 17/10/2014


Minor fixes of wording & capitalisation in marital status area on various forms – thanks Stacey.

Version was made available for download on 23/9/2014


When a wedding was moved to completed they were being moved from the Pending file to the Completed file successfully, however the move was not being reflected in the Pending/Completed panels. This caused an error message if the mouse pointer was placed over the wedding. This has now been rectified by the screen being refreshed when the mouse returns to it after the wedding has closed.

If  either the bride or groom had been divorced the word ‘divorced’ was appearing on the NOIM with a lower case ‘d’. This has now been changed to an upper case ‘D’

The Rites used field on page 4 of the NOIM has had the words ‘According to’ inserted before The Marriage Act.

On the Official Certificate of Marriage (old Form 16) the words ‘the rites’ have been removed from before ‘The Marriage Act, 1961.

The Print/Preview menu items have been relabeled in line with the new forms names. Other references to form names have been updated in various locations.

The panel where the date & place the Declarations will be signed has had the ‘OK’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons moved to allow for some Windows display options that caused them to appear below the bottom of the panel.

Version 1.4 was made available for download on 9/9/2014.

Major New Feature/s:

The controversial new forms from the AG’s dept have replaced the forms we’ve all been familiar with for so long. This has not just required a cosmetic change to the forms, a new entry area has been required to cater for entering additional documents details, validation has been modified to reflect the ID status etc. Even the names of some of the forms have been changed – no more form 14, now it’s the ‘Declaration of no legal impediment to marriage’, a bit of a mouthful compared to ‘Form 14’. Some have already come up with an acronym of ‘DOLI’ for this document. Many of you are already aware of the reduced space allowed for some information on these documents, I’m hoping there may be some changes to make them a little more friendly. If they are changed the changes will be applied to The Celebrant Suite asap. Because additional information is being collected there is a need to modify the records already entered. A conversion routine has been incorporated in V1.4 that will take care of this and the changeover should be seamless.


The panel that pops up when either Print or Preview of the ‘DOLI’ is chosen has been improved. It now allows the Bride or Groom’s address to be selected (for the location at which the document is being signed) at the click of a button.

Minor fixes:

When closing a wedding the message box asking ‘Would you like to save before closingwill not be displayed as frequently if no changes have been made (it may occasionally sneak in when I’m not looking). The ‘Cancel’ button on that message box now works correctly.

Version 1.3 was made available for download on 6/6/2014.

Major New Feature:

A Report Centre has been created! This will produce a total of 9 reports, including payments received for any period, great for tax time. Number of weddings performed per month for selected year/s. It will also create an Excel spread sheet showing essential details of all weddings that have been entered into the system. All reports can be viewed and/or printed. The spreadsheet can be saved and manipulated the same as any Excel document. This feature will become one component in a projected ‘Professional’ edition, however it is currently included in the current basic version free of charge until the end of July 2015.


The Printer selection system has been made more user friendly and will automatically be presented when the program is initially installed. It will still be available from the File menu on The Celebrant Suite desktop as well.

The toolbar on The Celebrant Suite desktop will have additional buttons for quick access to ‘Record of Use of Form 15’, the new ‘Report Centre’ and ‘Product Information & Assistance’ (Help).

Minor fixes:

If the license had expired, when the renewal key was entered, the program had to be closed and re-opened before new weddings could be entered. It is no longer necessary to close and re-open. The ‘New wedding’ option is available as soon as a new key has been entered.

If the NOIM is printed before a “Date NOIM Lodged” was entered “//” was inserted in the area the date would have been. This no longer happens.

Version was made available for download on 28/7/13.

Previously un-identified bug found and fixed (thanks for finding that Julia). If saving a new wedding, where there is a date for a ‘Date previous marriage terminated’ and no ‘Wedding date’ has been entered, an error was caused when the program tried to validate that the date marriage ended was before the date of the wedding.

An issue with the new ‘Printer selection’ feature selecting the wrong paper size in the case of a few models of printer has been rectified.

Version 1.2 was made available for download on 8/6/13.

The document ‘Record of Use of Form 15 Marriage Certificates’ is now produced by The Celebrant Suite.

A new field has been added to the Wedding details screen. This is for the entry of the Certificate number that appears on the back of the Presentation Certificate, enabling the above document to be produced.

A Student Version is now available! As a result of requests, a version is now available for those studying to become Marriage Celebrants. For more information, check the Registration page.

Printer selection is now possible. In the past documents were sent to whichever printer you had set as your default printer. You now have the option to select any printer connected to your computer or network.

A link to this page has been included on the Product Information & Assistance form. This is accessible from the Help item on The Celebrant Suite’s desktop.

Version was made available for download on 15/2/13.

The text on the Presentation Certificate (Form 15) now has greater vertical positioning capability. No matter what font you use or how far from standard the certificate’s lines are, you will always be able to position your text as you like it. This is vertical alignment only, the text remains centered on the horizontal plane.

An omission in the validation routine had allowed the ‘Leaflet provided’ to be ignored when it had not been ticked as having been provided to the bride and groom. This has now been rectified – thanks for picking that up Peter.

Version was made available for download on 15/1/13.

Modifications were made to the way States (and Territories) are handled.
A blank is now allowed in the State field in the venue address. This allows for manual entry of non-standard states, such as Norfolk Island, Christmas Island etc. (There are 8 non mainland territories).

An error condition, that was caused when trying to set the default venue state to the state recorded in the Celebrant’s details, has now been eliminated.

Version was made available on 10/1/13.

New features:

The receipt can now have multiple lines of text (up to 30 lines) set to display in the bottom section. Possible uses for this could be to include the celebrant’s bank information, saving the celebrant providing a separate piece of paper with those details. Another use would be to have standard terms and conditions displayed, possibly with a space for signatures. Thanks for that suggestion go to Colleen and John.

The Infosheet is now set to accept 34 lines of text (this comes from the additional information panel on the wedding details entry screen). More than that can be entered however line 35 and beyond will not appear on the preview or printed copy, only in the entry panel.

Bug fixes:

Closing the Wedding Entry Screen, whilst it is minimised to the task bar, no longer causes problems when subsequently opening the wedding entry screen.

Setting the Form 14 Declarations to only show date and place of signature for one of the members of the couple, instead of both, now works correctly.

If the first entry in the list of regular venues is made from the Preferences screen, rather than from the Wedding Entry Screen, it works correctly.

If the celebrant details had the state shown as TAS, VIC or QLD instead of Tas, Vic and Qld it no longer causes an error when previewing or printing documents. (The case is corrected when the details are saved).

Version 1.1 was released in the first week of July, 2012.

This was the first update of the original program and included a large number of improvements and fixes. Many of these were as a result of suggestions from users and I thank them for their input.

The Celebrant Suite was first released to Celebrants Australia wide on 11/1/2012.