You create beautiful weddings! Let The Celebrant Suite create your beautiful documents!

Let us help you to:

Prepare all the documents you need

Check that all the required information is complete

Remind you when things are due

Retain all wedding records with no time limit to access

Take the hassle out of all that paperwork! 

The Celebrant Suite! – Software for Celebrants


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The Celebrant Suite
  • Was designed and written by a celebrant.
  • Will enhance your professionalism in front of your clients.
  • Is exceptionally easy to use.
  • Will save you hours.
  • Will virtually eliminate most possible errors on your documents.
  • Will record and keep all the details of your weddings, both prior to the wedding and as long as you like afterwards.
  • Assists you to initiate follow up actions, such as anniversary congratulations.
  • Helps keep track of your income for tax time.
  • Has hundreds of very satisfied users around Australia, in every State and Territory.
  • Offers full support to all users at no additional cost.
  • Is updated promptly as government requirements change.