The Celebrant Suite is provided on an annual licence basis, this is how it works:-

The free trial policy:

Most people start out with the 3 month free trial. This allows for you to either enter dummy data or real wedding information. It doesn’t matter which way you go, any of the weddings you enter can be deleted or changed at any time. The trial version is exactly the same as the full version.

What do you pay when you decide to purchase a 12 month licence?$125 That’s just $10.45 per month!

What do you get for that?

  • Full use of the program for the licenced period.
  • Full support of the product for the same period.
  • All updates/enhancements incorporated during that period.
  • If you avail yourself of the 3 month trial and decide to purchase the program after trying it, the 12 month licence period would automatically be added to the end of your free trial period – effectively giving you up to 15 months for the single annual fee.
  • All the data you entered during the trial period remains available to you whether you purchase a licence or not.
  • When your licence expires, whether it is a free trial or paid annual licence, your data remains available to you indefinitely. The program continues operating as normal, with the only restriction being you can no longer enter new weddings. In this case your pending weddings can still have additional data added for up to 30 days after the licence expires. All documents are available to be printed indefinitely.