FAQ – Find answers to the most commonly asked questions in this spot!

  • What is the difference between Windows 8 and Windows RT operating systems?

    A brief, simple explanation is:
    Windows 8 is the new operating system from Microsoft that will run on almost any desktop or laptop computer that will run Windows. It will also run on the latest Intel based tablets that use the Intel Atom processor. These are sometimes called hybrids. The Celebrant Suite will run on these.
    Windows RT, sometimes referred to as Windows 8 RT is not designed to run on desktop/laptops but will run on traditional tablets using an ARM processor. These are less powerful processors and will not run standard programs for desktop/workstation type computers. The Celebrant Suite will NOT run on these.

  • I have a Mac, will The Celebrant Suite run on it?

    It will run on a Mac if an emulator is used. There are a number of emulators available, some are free and others need to be purchased. The emulator sets up an area on your machine that can have a Windows operating system installed within it. Once this is done Windows programs can be run on your Mac. Any Windows operating system from XP to Windows 10 can be used for The Celebrant Suite.

  • My documents are not printing correctly, what should I do?

    The most common reason for this is the program has not correctly identified your printer’s settings. Go to The Celebrant Suite’s desktop (Pending weddings etc) and click on File/Printer Selection. When the Print dialogue box opens you should see your printer, double click on it and try printing again. If this does not resolve the problem contact support.

  • Where are my weddings kept?

    When The Celebrant Suite is installed the default location for your data files is:
    C:\ProgramData\The Celebrant Suite\Wedding\
    If the program is installed to a different drive then they are installed to the same folder on that drive, for example if it were installed to an E: drive you would find them in:
    E:\ProgramData\The Celebrant Suite\Wedding\ .

  • Can I get another copy of the program to install on my other computer?

    Yes, there is no limit to the number of computers the program can be installed on. You can download the installation file as many times as you need. The only restriction is that it can only be used to handle the licensed celebrant’s weddings.

  • I got a new computer, how do I transfer everything from the old one?

    There are 2 parts to this exercise – firstly moving your data & settings and secondly installing the program.
    To move the data/settings copy the folder C:\ProgramData\The Celebrant Suite to the new machine, placing it in the same location. This assumes the default location was used when installing the program. Depending on your operating system, the C:\ProgramData folder may be hidden. If you can’t see it you will need to go to ‘Folder Options’ select the ‘View’ tab and click the ‘Show hidden files, folders, or drives’ item.
    To install the program, go to http://www.byronware.com/sandbox/download/ and click on the Download button at the bottom, exactly the same as when you first installed it.
    If your data/settings were correctly moved before doing this you won’t need to do anything else.
    If you need any assistance contact support.

  • My computer crashed and I’ve lost the program, can I get another copy?

    Yes, go to http://www.byronware.com/sandbox/download/ .

  • I re-installed my copy of The Celebrant Suite but can’t find my key, how do I get another one?

    Go to support@byronware.com and enter your celebrant number in the field provided and your key will be emailed to you again.

  • I requested a key be re-sent but have not received it.

    The two most common reasons for this are:
    1. Your email address may have changed since you registered.
    2. It may have found it’s way into your spam folder.

  • My email address has changed since I registered my copy of The Celebrant Suite. How do I change my email address with Byronware?

    You will need to send an email to support@byronware.com You will need to include your celebrant number, previous email address and your full name.

  • I’ve saved some common venues but need to change some of the details, how do I do that?

     Go to preferences and choose the ‘Venues’ tab. You will be able to select any venue you have saved and modify as needed.

  • Do I lose all access to my client’s information if my licence expires?

    No, the program will continue to be available for use as long as you want. The only thing you lose is the ability to create new weddings. All your records will still be available and documents can still be printed.

  • How do I change a payment for a wedding? I need to edit the amount paid.

    The easiest way is to reverse the incorrect payment by entering a negative amount. For example: You have entered a fee of $500, entered a payment of $100 and saved it. This would leave a balance of $400. Your client then finds they only have $50. You can enter an amount of -100 in the payment field and save it, this would reverse the previous incorrect entry and bring the balance back to $500. Then enter the correct payment of $50.

  • How do I know what version of The Celebrant Suite I have?

    On the Celebrant Suite desktop (the one that first opens showing all your weddings) click on the Help menu item and select Product Information and Assistance. This will show you what version you currently have installed.