A little about The Celebrant Suite and it’s creator, Ron…

To start with, one of the commonly asked questions I am asked is about the name “Byronware“. No, it’s nothing to do with Byron Bay or Lord Byron. It really means software written by Ron.

The Celebrant Suite was born shortly after I became a marriage celebrant, early in 2004. As soon as I realised how many forms had to be completed, most of which really needed to look neat, I knew I had to use something to avoid people being inflicted with my handwriting. The first step was templates. At least that way I wouldn’t be embarrassed by people trying to decipher my writing. Once I had that system in place I rapidly realised I would need to type a lot of the same information on multiple forms. I have enough trouble avoiding typo’s doing one form! Expecting me to get it right on multiple forms was extremely wishful thinking.  My initial response to this was to throw my hands in the air and try to tear out the wisps of remaining hair I had.

I should mention here that prior to retiring (sort of), I had been a computer programmer for a government department. Knowing this, my decision that I desperately needed a computer program to assist me should come as no surprise.

The original concept was to gather the necessary data and print the documents that were required. It sort of grew from there. I kept thinking of more and more things I wanted it to do, it was growing (in my head) to mega proportions.

Reality struck and I decided to cut the concept down to separate packages that could be added separately as they were completed. At least this way I could start using the thing in the foreseeable future.

Up until this time I had been using the tentative (and unwieldy) title of ‘Sylvia, The Celebrant’s Secretary’ for the program. By the way, Sylvia is my wife and, to be truthful, she actually looked after a lot of my clerical type work as a celebrant. If you have used the program you may have wondered at the heading to some of the error messages that pop up from time to time. They still use ‘Sylvia says…’. Why should I be the only one that gets told about my errors. It also explains why I chose .sts as the suffix for the data files the program creates. She has moved on now to her new job, which she takes great satisfaction in, breaking the program. I like to call this role ‘testing’, however ‘breaking it’ seems more enjoyable to her.

Once I had decided to adopt the multiple separate packages approach I changed the title of the program to ‘The Celebrant Suite’.

At the time of writing this there is only one package available, the ‘Wedding’ pack. I have two other packs that should become available in the not too distant future.

My aim is to provide a product that will:

  • Allow the celebrant to provide a professional image to their clients, both in the collection of data and the quality of the documents produced.
  • Minimise the likelihood of errors in the information gathered and returns from Births Deaths and Marriages (how embarrassing is that?).
  • Provide a pleasant and simple environment that is easy to use.
  • Show relevant information at a glance, enabling the celebrant to control his/her business simply and efficiently.
  • Make support to the celebrant simple, friendly, comprehensive and prompt.

I hope you will find I am in the process of meeting these aims.

I would appreciate any feedback on either the program or the support – Feedback link.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more, please click on the ‘Live Help’ button below. If I’m online I will be pleased to chat with you, if not you can drop me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible 🙂

Have a great day!