Registration is required to use The Celebrant Suite!

The web edition of The Celebrant Suite can be used on any device that has an internet connection and web browser access including all Mac systems and iPhones.


The Celebrant Suite is available for a free trial to allow you to evaluate its performance and suitability for your celebrancy business.
Unlike most software trials:
• The Celebrant Suite can be used for a full 3 months.
• It is not a cut down version, all features are fully functional.
• You can login from as many devices as you would like.
• Even after the 3 months trial the program remains fully functional, with the exception that no new weddings can be added.


For Web users, when you purchase (or renew) your expiry will be updated, you will be able to continue adding new ceremonies.

For existing Desktop users, when you purchase (or renew) a licence you will be sent a new key. You will not need to re-install or update the program itself, simply enter the new key. None of your wedding data or settings will be lost by doing this.

We are not restricting existing desktop users from continuing to use the Desktop edition; however, we are moving all new users to the Web edition.

Full cost, including support and regular upgrades as required, from only $125 per annum.


As a result of requests from students studying to become Marriage Celebrants, a student version is available. Anyone is able to register for this version, no student identification or verification is needed. It includes all features of The Celebrant Suite and carries a free registration period of 6 months.
The only restriction is that all documents created will have the words ‘Student Version’ as a water mark on them.

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