Your transaction has been processed successfully.

Thank you for choosing The Celebrant Suite. You will receive an email with the next steps to the email address you supplied. If you don’t appear to have received it you may need to check your spam folder.

If this is a renewal for the Web edition: Your expiry will be updated, you can continue to use the program by logging in using this link:

If this is a renewal for the Desktop edition: the program will automatically update your licence key if you are running version (or newer) and have an active internet connection, no further action required.

To enter your new key manually, open The Celebrant Suite, click ‘Help’ > ‘Enter new key’ > insert key > ‘OK’.
I suggest you use copy & paste to enter the key as it is case sensitive and can be difficult to manually enter correctly.
(If this is your first time using the program, you will be prompted to enter the key when you launch the program for the first time.)

I hope you enjoy using The Celebrant Suite.