Got some questions? 

  • Why should I use a software program when I already have templates?

    Templates are much better than handwriting the documents, but…

    All the information has to be entered separately for each document.

    Using The Celebrant Suite you enter the information once and print all the documents with a click of the mouse.

    A common error found by Births Deaths & Marriages is information on the NoIM not matching the Form 14 Declarations or Form 15 Certificate of Marriage.

  • What if the government changes the forms or requirements?

    The Celebrant Suite will always be kept up to date with legislative requirements!

    This is one of the advantages of using a licenced product instead of buying software outright.

    You are always entitled to the latest version of the program and so are never out of date.

  • Does it produce all the documents I need?

    Yes, and some you don’t technically need but will want…

    This includes the Notice of Intended Marriage pages 2 to 4

    The Births Deaths & Marriages copy of the Certificate of Marriage

    Form 14 Declarations (reverse side of Certificate of Marriage)

    The celebrant copy of the Certificate of Marriage

    Form 15 Certificate of Marriage (presentation copy)

    Record of Use of Form 15

    A letter to Immigration for clients needing a “Fiancé Visa”

    Receipts for payments made by the clients

    Features available only when using the PROFESSIONAL edition: A Report Centre which produces numerous reports, including payments received for selected periods (financial years for example), Weddings completed by month etc. It also creates an Excel spread sheet with basic details of all weddings in the system.

  • How do I know I can trust it to work properly?

    The Celebrant Suite has been used by limited users continuously since 2008.

    It was then tested extensively by the committee members of the largest association for celebrants in Australia for a period of months. They gave it a unanimous thumbs up and adopted it as their preferred software for Celebrants in Australia in January of 2012.

  • What font does it use on the Form 15 Marriage Certificate?

     The default font used on all documents is Times New Roman, however in the preferences section you can select any font you have available on your computer, in any acceptable size or style.

  • Is it better to buy software outright or buy an annual licence?

    The answer to this question varies, depending on the application.

    For something that will never change and has been proven over several years, buying is most likely the best way to go. On the other hand, for any program that is liable to have changes or updates, it may well be far wiser to use a licence system.

    The Celebrant Suite uses an annual licence due to the need to keep up with changes made by government to the Marriage Act. This also means that it is a lower initial financial outlay to the user, it can be updated by users when a new version is released without incurring additional costs, and if you cease working as a celebrant you have not wasted money.

  • If I stop being a celebrant do I need to keep a current licence to keep my records accessible?

    No, when the licence for The Celebrant Suite expires you still have full use of all the program’s features for any existing wedding, you just can’t enter any new weddings. If it remains unlicenced in excess of 1 month weddings will no longer be editable, all other features remain permanently.

  • Did the developer really understand the needs of a celebrant?

    Yes, as a practicing celebrant the author made the program to suit his own celebrancy needs, which are pretty much the same as other celebrants all over the country.

  • How do I learn to use it?

     The Celebrant Suite was created with ease of use in mind.

    When the program was being tested by several professional celebrants, they were intentionally left without assistance. Each celebrant reported that they found it simple to do all the basic functions required in the program to create their documents.

    In addition to how easy the program is to use, we have several pages on the website that provide answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ | Byronware), video tutorials (Tutorials | Byronware) and how to’s (Support Videos | Byronware).

    Plus, you can get in touch with us anytime at

  • Is support available if I need it, and how much does it cost?

    Yes, support is available by emailing

    This is included in the licence fee and no further charge is ever made for this support.